Terri Yellalonis - VP & Treasurer

Annette Conniff - President & Owner

Annette's husband of 24 years Steve, is a man of few words. A response of "okay" or "fine" was quite common, until the day that  Annette and Terri's mom Lillian baked a delicious pan of chocolate brownies. That day, Steve exclaimed that the brownies were "more than fine!"

When Annette and Terri began planning the new shop, they envisioned the business to be more than custom framing. Remembering Steve's comment about the brownies, the name fell right into place - More Than Fine Framing, Inc, thanks to Mom Lillian, Steve and a pan of chocolate brownies. 

Previous gallery manager for Valley Framing. Now co-owner of MTFF with a wide range of talents and duties from decoupage art, chalk painting furniture & photography printing to merchandising, sales, and marketing.

behind the name...

Award winning artist, photographer and member of MAPAPA & BCC. Previous framing manager at Valley Framing, Annette is the master framer & primary artist at MTFF. The gallery features her pastel paintings & photography

meet the sisters
We are now open by appointment only.
Please call us 410-494-9100 or email us at info@morethanfineframing.com